Simplicity Tomorrow - Sustainable City Light

Sustainable City Light

Sustainable City Light transforms the personality of any community from industrial to ecological, harmonizing forces of nature and working with the planet, not against it. Sustainable City Light collects its own energy from the sun and wind by transforming its appearance throughout the day. At night, its efficient LEDs beam light only where needed - and only when needed - through proximity sensing.

Day time - Harnessing renewable energy

Sustainable City Light: sun shines

When the sun shines... As the sun shines, Sustainable City Light emulates nature's beauty to begin the work of collecting solar energy. First, the 'petals' of its 'bud' open slowly. Much like a sunflower continues to face the sun while it moves from east to west during the day, Sustainable City Light's petals then gradually and continuously re-orient themselves in the direction of the sun, to face it with the maximum efficiency at each moment.

Sustainable City Light: wind blows

When the wind blows... The intelligent Sustainable City Light also takes advantage of cloudy, windy days. As the wind starts to blow, Sustainable City Light intuitively moves its petals to an upward half-open position, allowing them to catch the wind. The petals then progressively rotate, transferring the movement to the built-in rotor that instantly converts it into energy.

And when the sun shines again, Sustainable City Light adapts itself to the new weather. The device progressively stops rotating, and opens again to catch the sun rays.

Sustainable City Light: collecting energy

Collecting energy... Whether storing energy for its own needs or feeding it back to the grid, Sustainable City Light indicates the energy collecting flow on its 'trunk' through a decorative light feedback, further informing passers-by.

Night Time - Light where it's needed, when it's needed

Sustainable City Light: night falls

When the night falls... As day fades to night, Sustainable City Light softly closes and transforms itself from a poetic power-generating landmark to a reassuring source of light. Its LEDs shine, lighting up with precision around its foot for safety and for the prevention of unnecessary 'light pollution'. The lamp format also allows passers-by to see the stars again.

Sustainable City Light: people pass by

When people pass by... When no one is around, Sustainable City Light glows at the minimum level required for safety in its 'stand-by' mode. When people pass by, Sustainable City Light senses this movement and comes to life, increasing its intensity and bathing passers-by in comforting light.

Zero consumption from the grid, ultimately leading to safety

Sustainable City Light's LEDs use half of the energy of a traditional street light for the same light output. With its efficient, integrated solar cells and wind rotor, Sustainable City Light doesn't require power from the grid. It relies on itself, even through power shortages and other calamities Sustainable City Light will keep shining at night.

Whether 'Off-Grid' or 'On-Grid', a winning solution

In remote areas, the self sufficient Sustainable City Light doesn't require a power infrastructure. This makes it simple for rural communities to leapfrog into outdoor lighting without having to invest in a grid infrastructure, or for any architect or city planner to place lighting in areas they usually would not.

In urban areas, Sustainable City Light not only provides truly green lighting, but can actually supply power back to the grid when it overproduces electricity, making it a light pole that generates rather than consumes power.

An investment in the aesthetic landscape

Beyond landscape beautification, Sustainable City Light is a tool for forward thinking municipalities and other local authorities to show the world their commitment to a greener future.

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